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Wickey Maffels

Tastes like breakfast before a fun day at Disney!

Welcome to my whimsical corner of the web, where dreams inspire reality and breakfast becomes an adventure! Picture this: a morning stirred by cravings from a dream about Ohana restaurant's iconic Mickey Mouse waffles at Walt Disney World, only to wake up far from Orlando. Undeterred and ensnared in the magic of half-awake creativity, I found myself whisking together what I dubbed "Wickey Maffels" in my kitchen. The name, a charming slip of the tongue, sparked a symphony of laughter with my husband and marked the delicious intersection of fantasy and everyday life.

Enjoy some pics from our trip to Ohana, March 2022, and a couple other waffle pics! I make these all the time and hope you will as well.

Please note this recipe was inspired by the amazing recipe on the Disney Food Blog recipe. Please refer to the following link for the original recipe as intended.

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