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Back to school Time Saving Cookbook - "Cook Once, EAT ALL week"

There are not many books I use as often as this one. The time saving opportunities it provides are second to none and I hit my eat-more-veggies goal every time. When I have a busy week coming up and won't have a ton of time to get a healthy, well-balanced, flavorful meals on the table, I reach for this book every time.

The concept is simple. Prep up front as if a meal-planning company were doing it for you and have all the components ready to put together in a flash during the week. You'll also be able to give your brain a rest because the shopping list, prep instructions, and recipes are already done for you.

Thursday/ Friday: Shop grocery list and put groceries away.

Saturday Morning: Do the Prep and store in the fridge.

Sunday: Finish any leftover prep and/or make your first meal.

To show you the time-saving and delicious power of this book, I'm sharing the recipes for "Week 3" Chicken and Cauliflower. If you like this recipe, you're seriously gonna love this book! And if you happen to be gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, egg-free... all the free's... This book has a ton of adaptations ready to go!

All recipes are in one convenient PDF File below.

Cook Once Eat All Week 3
Download PDF • 3.71MB

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How to Prep the Chicken:

I found this method to be super easy and the chicken stayed moist in each recipe. If you decide you'd like to try a rotisserie chicken from the store, totally go for it, but know that it may be dry or mushy in the recipes. [Please note, I'm not a professional chicken-cutter. More like a chicken demolisher. lol.]

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Avocados

This was our fave recipe of the weeek! We ended up cubing the avocado and putting it into ramekins. I also added Fleur T Seasonings Bloody Mary Salt before topping it with the buffalo chicken. You can find the seasoning below. Please use our special discount code for 15% off everything in the store: LAURIE

Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

This literally took less than 10 minutes to put together! What an awesome time-saver!

Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

(Refer to the chicken video above, otherwise, it's pretty straight forward. I did not film video about this process, but here's a yummy pic!

Hope you enjoyed the recipes this week! Thanks for being here!

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